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Our Founder, Allister Frost, is an award-winning speaker at conferences and exhibitions around the world. He was voted UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year at the BOC Global Events Innovative Marketing Awards and delivers inspirational talks packed with expertise and guidance for a wide range of organisations and professional bodies.

Here’s a sample video of Allister Frost speaking at a business event:

What Clients Say About Us

LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

“Very informative, definitely worth attending”

“Well run – condensed, but covers key sections to allow you to take actions away and put straight into the workplace. Would recommend.”

“Interesting – I found out much more about LinkedIn than I knew before.”

“This training gave clear tools to help me produce better content.”

“Well structured course and easy to follow the content and objectives.”

“The trainer was great: could entertain and teach at the same time”

“Very dynamic, practical training, good theory and relevant practical exercises”

“Great course, very worthwhile.”

“A very good course to get you thinking about the opportunity. The whole structure worked. Allister clearly has a lot of transferable experience.”

“Brilliant learning – really useful!”

“The course was very enjoyable and expertly presented, covering a wide array of social media platforms and strategic areas. I would recommend the course to others.”

“Allister was a fantastic course leader, really approachable and passionate about the subject. I learned a lot more than I imagined I would and really enjoyed the day.”

“Allister’s presentation manner was exceptional and he conveyed all of his knowledge incredibly clearly. The 8 hour day flew by but I absorbed left the session knowing more about the state of social media than when I went in.”

Allister Frost November 2016

“Fantastic course – I learnt an awful lot that I’m excited to deliver to the agency, thank you!”

“Thought-provoking. Would have loved a full day course for extra details.”

“Great workshop. Very clear and well-structured. lots of actions to take out.”

“Excellent presentation and admirable biscuits!”

In-Company October 2016

“Net Promoter Score: 100%”

“I changed my mindset in digital with understanding of what digital really means.”

“The presentation was clear and easy to understand due to the good perfromance of Allister.”

“It was an eye-opener!”

“All topics we covered were relevant, useful and inspiring. Great trainer, good energy.”

Allister Frost October 2016“Thank you for being part of Ireland’s Internet Day 2016. We received very positive feedback from attendees, who were also very complimentary of your contribution on the day. You added real value to the conversation and discussion, and left attendees with practical tips to bring back to their own businesses. “

“Fantastic insights on the benefits of product diversification & customer-centric offerings to generate loyalty!”

“Great talk from @AllisterF’s at #IEINTERNETDAY16. Nice little CTA in your sides for the audience too – free ebook.”

“The feedback from attendees – particularly of your presentation – was really positive. Yours was the highlight for many of the SMEs and business owners that I spoke to and gives us lots of positive momentum to work from for next year’s event and beyond.”

“I just wanted to let you know that Allister Frost was brilliant at our conference in East Sussex. He was the opening keynote speaker and was also on our “question time” style panel. He was followed by a good presenter speaking about Facebook B2B and a senior manager from Google UK talking about the future of Google.”

“The feedback about Allister was terrific. He understood the brief perfectly and was a very impressive speaker. Our evaluation forms gave him the highest marks of all our speakers and I would be pleased to recommend him to anyone else looking for insight into digital marketing.”

“Thought-provoking and very interesting. Clearly experienced and knowledgeable. Allister explains things clearly and at a good pace.

“Really informative and engaging. Solidified areas I already knew, but also gave me some great new ideas to implement. Great trainer too!”

“Well prepared and presented. Clear structure and engaging trainer with clear to follow insights.”

“Many thanks for getting our conference off to a cracking start. It was just what we were hoping for.”

“Many thanks for your keynote in Copenhagen; people were talking about it throughout the conference – always a good sign!”

Allister Frost November 2015 v3“If you want to know what ‘Content Marketing’ is really about, take this course.”

“All I expected. Inspiring!! Good mix between trends and insights as well as frameworks and hands-on approaches.”

“Inspirational. Well packaged.”

“Very inspiring and to the point. It addressed many of the challenges I’m confronted with at the moment. Good mixture of theory, practice and humour.”

What did you like most about the course? “The trainer, Allister, is very experienced and charismatic. It’s nice listening to him.”

“Valuable and inspiring. Allister is enthusiastic, energising and knowledgeable.”

“New insights, inspiration, hands-on process to get us going.”

“Great combination of theory and examples, good inspiration.”

“A great way of getting time and space to think strategically about where you are on the Content Marketing journey. Very inspirational – it made us challenge ourselves to be braver and take more risks, especially to be more creative.”

“Great insights and inspiration. It really got me thinking on the future of content marketing in our organisation!”

“Thanks for a very good course!”

“Eye-opening course, both theoretical and practical on the value of content marketing. Many thanks Allister, it was a great course!”

“Highly valuable to bring a change in the way you do marketing today, both from a professional / persona angle.”

“Inspirational discussion about the possibilities of content marketing including things to keep in mind, things to look out for and benchmarks.”

“Thanks for a very good course!”

“Excellent – A really good course, and well worth anyone going on this”

“A well organised and well delivered course. It was all enjoyable. The hints and tips were very helpful and I will try them out.”

“Really useful and engaging content, I learnt a lot!”

“Excellent content. Very insightful.”

“Very engaging, exciting and useful.”

“Really enjoyed [this]. Engaging, informative, good overview.”

“The course was extremely good and up-to-date with current trends. Useful refreshers and picking up new techniques.”

“Brilliant! Very inspiring and I have lots of action points to take away that i’m keen to implement and get the ball rolling.”

“Very useful training session, well delivered and targeted to my requirements. Will definitely look at future courses.”

“Good pace, pitched at a level that left me wanting to challenge the way we do marketing.”

“Glad I came as [this is] one of the most forward-thinking professional services marketing course I have been on.”

“Excellent. It was a real eye-opener into all of the options that are available. I thought it was very well presented and provided a lot of thought-provoking ideas.”

“Very great way to break the cycle of ‘traditional’ marketing strategy and thinking about the customer FIRST!”

“Great – learnt a lot and have lots of actions to take away.”

“Very engaging, showed me the full picture.”

“This course is excellent for people who have a good base knowledge and want to learn more.”

“Well structured, good examples. Easy to understand, no jargon, winner!”

“Really clear, practical content!”

“Great tips and hints for advertising and better positioning for myself and the organisation. Very clear and easy to digest.”

“Interesting, and provided lots of food for thought. Engaging.”

“Really interesting and insightful. Good theory mixed with real life examples.”

“It was ALL very useful! Very informative.”

Allister Frost November 2015 v3“Excellent – informative and inspiring. Would recommend to anyone who wants to hear from an expert in his field”

“Great insight into what we need to do moving forwards. Engaging, great atmosphere with good training.”

“An insightful course that you’ll get the best from if you ignore your emails and just think!”

“Well structured, relevant. Very useful and practical.”

“Great, passionate and insightful.”

“Really great course – I’ve come away with so many ideas and action points, some easy and others longer term.”

Would you recommend this training?: “Yes – go with an open mind and you’ll learn a lot.”

“Really enjoyed it. Has helped solidify and refine my thinking. I would like my team to attend this course as it’s highly relevant to our business and our clients’ businesses. Really well structured and delivered.”

“Excellent, very relatable and inspired actions. Provides valuable information that can be implemented to help your business.”

Wild Orange Media Workshop March 2015“Allister was highly engaging and I found the presentation dynamic. Keen to share this with the rest of my agency in the near future.”

“Excellent, very well delivered course!”

“Really enjoyed it, excellent, enthusiastic.”

“Thank-you, really interesting. Finally some B2B examples!!”

“Good content. Very good slides!”

“Very informative”

How likely are you to recommend this training? “Very highly likely to recommend. Will tell them they MUST do it.”

“Very well put together, delivered at a good pace.”

“Very informative, broke down a subject into bite-sized chunks.”

“Very good content, engaging presentation, very informative, concise and useful. I would recommend highly.”

“Very valuable. Hugely engaging and relevant.”

How likely are you to recommend this training?: “100%. I think the course will [also] be valuable to the extended marketing and digital team.”

“A very thorough deep dive into content, history, strategy and [the] future. Delivered in an engaging, inspiring style.”

“[The workshop] will have a huge impact as I’m now able to put some strategy and structure around my team’s work.”

“Great stories, great frameworks, so much material to implement.”

“Allister did a great job and the course was led very well.”

“Very good, well organised infusion of best practices and cutting edge examples.”

“Many thanks! I’ve already had positive feedback about the session!”

“Very enthusiastic and engaging after a long week. Thanks! :)”

“Really great instructor, great knowledge, anecdotes and experience.”

“Allister was really enthusiastic, with an excellent mix of insights and inspiring us to move and evolve in the digital era.”

“Excellent. Lots to contemplate & trial – direct, to the point”

“I found the course incredibly informative”

“Enjoyable, learnt a lot, pace great allowed for reflection.”

“Very good. Allister gave a lot of food for thought.”

“All encompassing within subject. Great level of detail.”

“I was most interested in the social advertising aspect. The tips and suggestions throughout were really useful in reconsidering my strategies and also demonstrating the points.”

“A very up-to-date course that explains with easy steps what it is not usually so simple.”


Women in kent 2“Thank you so much for everything that you did. We had some great comments from [the delegates] who really enjoyed your talk. We were really pleased with how the day went. It was great to hear the buzz of all the networking.”

“Great presentation, hmmm has me thinking I could have an idea!”

“Great talk from Allister Frost”

“All the feedback we received afterwards was very positive, so hopefully we’ll see a difference in planning content next year!”

“Thank you very much for delivering a really engaging, interactive, fun and insightful workshop. I’ve caught up with most of the team this week and they all really enjoyed it and came away with some new ideas to include in their plans.”

AMA Dec 2015“Brill end to a day of #ideas #discussion & #insight from @AllisterF! Thanks.”

“Very knowledgeable and able to translate his experiences in the big corporate world to be relevant to smaller organisations”

“I enjoyed the relevant, practical examples that can easily be implemented.”

“Was slightly unsure about this presentation at the beginning but he gave useful advice, delivered in a very accessible way. Had a tough job giving the final speech but was engaging which was exactly what was needed.”

“Very well done. 5 concrete strategies we can apply. I have read several Ariely books but still learned new things.”

“Exciting and inspiring session creating ideas with my marketing team. Thanks to Allister for challenging us.”

“Inspiring session on B2B Marketing this morning. Definite food for thought to take back to the day job.”

“Thanks for your session today. Great energy!”

“Great! Very likely to recommend to my colleagues.”

“Excellent. Very informative.”

“Great course, really informative.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and feel inspired.”

“Very useful and well presented.”

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Allister Frost December 2015“I’ve heard the brilliant Allister Frost speak many times, it’s a pleasure to have him present at an event I’m running.”

“Fascinating talk on the development of Moore’s Law: ‘Everything you hold in your hand is obsolete already'”

“Overall delegate satisfaction score: 98%”

“Very informative and great sharing of experiences.”

“Excellent! Which part did I find most useful? All of it!”

“Allister is a friendly and engaging course director. Informative, interesting, and a good level of detail.”

“Really great to get an understanding of

practices from a negative and a positive perspective.”

Great course by Allister Frost today on social reputation. I’m now on the train pondering all I’ve learnt.

Allister Frost November 2015 v2“Energetic talk on the acceleration of technology, Allister Frost opening the afternoon session”

“Great presentation from @AllisterF. Energetic, insightful and inspirational. Businesses have to be agile and innovative in digital age”

“Great to chat to marketing legend @AllisterF over lunch. #fullofknowledge”

Great feedback from the conference – Allister’s presentation was very informative & eye opening.

“One of the best workshops I have been on. 100% recommended.”

“Very good. We covered a lot and I learnt a lot. Thorough course, with plenty of time to relate it back to our company.”

“Very useful and informative. Very likely to recommend to my colleagues.”

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

“Good day at the Allister Frost training. Thanks for the inspiration!”

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

“Excellent. Very useful with some great insights.”

“The course was insightful and engaging, and built on my current knowledge and skills.”

“Well planned and well delivered. Lots of information and resources, but broken into manageable chunks.”

“Very enlightening and thought provoking.”

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

Allister Frost November 2015“Very excited to have Allister Frost back again!!”

“Really thought provoking presentation on Content Marketing by Allister”

“Great to chat to marketing legend @AllisterF over lunch. #fullofknowledge”

Great feedback from the conference – Allister’s presentation was very informative & eye opening.

“Thank you so much for delivering a fantastic webinar earlier – we’ve had some great feedback already, and the engagement from our attendees was brilliant. So many questions were raised!”

“Fantastic insight into the future of mobile – you snooze you lose!”

“Great webinar with lots of mobile food for thought. Thanks for the insights.”

“Thought provoking stuff from Allister Frost. Contextual marketing could be the next big thing.”

“Thank you so much for giving up your evening for our talk this week. It was clearly a good idea to get the schools together to reach a few more. I found it a very engaging and interesting (if rather frightening!) evening and the parents I spoke so felt the same.”

“Scary & inspiring speech from Allister Frost”

“Really interesting look at the future with Allister Frost. Thank you.”

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

Allister Frost October 2015“I would like to personally thank you for contributing to the success of our company conference. Sharing your enthusiasm about digital, your ideas and expertise was inspirational and invaluable.”

Allister Frost September 2015“Thanks so much for speaking at Venturefest on Tuesday. You gave the event a forward-looking and global feel which is often needed here in Wales and the feedback I received from delegates was great.”

“An inspiring talk by Allister Frost.”

“Wonderfully inspiring talk from @AllisterF. Thank you.”

“Just heard you speak. Very interesting. Thanks for making me think and see things in differently.”

“Inspiring talk from @AllisterF on keeping up with digital in business.”

“Good overall discussion with functional planner guide to help make it happen.”

“Another excellent session!”

“Really good overview of the content creation process. Passionate, knowledgeable and engaging presenter.”

“Great class, thank you!”

“Excellent workshop!”


“Good to have time to consider the digital direction of travel for the industry.”

Allister Frost September 2015 v2“Just a quick message to say that I loved your talk. It was really thought provoking and has changed the way that I am looking at some areas of the business and how we connect with our customers!”

“I just wanted to say thanks for last week. You did a great job and the feedback has been excellent from the client.”

“Thank for a great presentation. Where I can get a copy of the stats from your presentation, please, they were fantastic!”

“First rate session from Allister Frost providing a timely wake up call for all businesses about embracing digital.”

“Inspiring presentation from Allister Frost on embracing the unstoppable growth of technology and digital marketing.”

“Great to meet you and great presentation and workshop. Certainly some great ideas to go away with [and that] 6-point plan.”

“Useful and practical workshop from Allister on digital marketing – Just do it!”

“I wanted to expand my knowledge of mobile marketing and gain some ideas I can present to clients. The course has definitely fulfilled these objectives.”

“Allister Frost is very passionate and enthusiastic which means everyone was engaged for the whole session.”

“Really useful and informative. Good course length as well.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but my eyes were opened to a ‘new world’!”

“Many thanks Allister, thoroughly enjoyed the session this morning – it has already helped me with a project I’m mapping out.”

“Wide, up-to-date understanding of social media. The course exceeded my expectations. Excellent!”

“Good course length, very useful and informative.”

“Very enjoyable!”

“Great industry knowledge, passionate!”

“The feedback is extremely positive. It took us a quite a while to get the funding in place and adapting the course to meet our needs but it was all worthwhile as the team have responded so positively. Thank you all so much for a fantastic day.”

“Very informative and thought-provoking. It made me step back and think.”

“Fantastic! Momentum was strong and positive throughout, a really energising and beneficial day.”

“Excellent. Very interesting content, well presented and engaging.”

“Interesting day. Generated lots of ideas across the different teams.”

“Great fun, engaging one-day workshop. I’m buzzing with ideas!”

“I thought it was brilliant. It really helped me think about social beyond the experience I already had.”

“Very refreshing, great insights. A great way to get you engaged and excited about social.”

“Really insightful made me look at social media different light. It’s part of the whole communications programme, not just an add-on!”

“Excellent, I wish we’d had more time.”


“Very engaging and extremely useful for my role”


“Really good. Insightful and relevant: personal anecdotes and also in relation to the car industry.”

“Spot on!”

“I went in thinking I’d be hearing a lot of what I already know and have experienced, but came away with lots to consider.”

“Great speaker, crammed full of great content”

“Excellent. I wanted to gain some insights into new developments in the industry. Whilst I wasn’t sure what would be presented, today’s workshop more than fulfilled that objective.”

“Really interesting, thanks!”

“Very inspiring.”

“All content was well presented and communicated. Very helpful.”

“Really enjoyed it!”

“Brilliant Course – Allister is a fantastic trainer and I left with loads of tips and ideas to share with the rest of my team!”

“Significantly more engaging and thought provoking in comparison to other external training.”

“Thanks for a great session today, particularly spending the time to give specific feedback on my content calendars was really appreciated.”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for yesterday. Presentations and training courses are often mundane parts of corporate life but I have to say that I felt yesterday was very engaging and I left the office feeling very positive about The Group’s future on social media.”

“Brill! Very informative”

“Good, informative course that kept me engaged all day. I like that Allister had researched our own social media accounts and policy to give his advice.”

“Very good, lots of energy, very engaging course director”

“Very interesting and useful. I came away with lots of actions.”

“Very positive. Allister is a very engaging trainer.”

“Thank you very much for your time and meeting with our group. The delegates are speaking highly about you and your materials. The feedback was very good.”

“Allister was funny, insightful, engaging. Best course I’ve been on.”


“Thanks for the Content Marketing training session. Really enjoyed it!”

“Great session this morning with @AllisterF #contentmarketing #solvingcustomerproblems”

“A persuasive and convincing, rigorous process. Enjoyable and informative. Many thanks.”

“Really relevant and useful session enjoyed it!”

“Some really interesting ideas and lots of enablers to think outside the box.”

“Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging 2 days at Marketing Leaders.”

“Thanks @AllisterF, I very much enjoyed the last 2 days! Rule #1 really is THE key insight – Apple might be the only exception… ;->”

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“It was a very enjoyable day, and I learned a lot. I’ve had some great feedback today, and interest in another session for those that missed it!”

“Excellent, useful for the day job.”

“Very engaging, I learnt lots of new things – very interesting.”

“Enjoyable and creative.”

“Very helpful both functionally & creatively.”

“Great to have the chance to spend the day being creative!”

“Great – good balance between theory, watching & learning, exercises.”

“Enjoyable – the ‘flow’ took me along!!.”

“Twitter for B2B Marketers with Allister Frost is good stuff!”

“Afternoon watching Twitter webinar with Allister Frost, 5 pages of notes so far!”

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

“What a #great session thank you! #CCEVenues #eventprofs”

“Please thank Allister for his presentation which was unanimously well received.”

“Thank you so much for your presentation today. The audience were so engaged with your delivery and there was so much good feedback speaking to the delegates during lunch. It has been a pleasure organising this with you.”

“Very well pitched, highly relevant, well paced and interactive”

“Fantastic presenter – knowledgeable and inspirational”

“Great course!”

“So much great content, lots to think about”

“Best course I’ve been on.”

“Please [Allister] come and work for us!”

Allister Frost March 2015“Thanks for the great talk you gave yesterday, I got a lot of great ideas from it”

“Brilliant talk at #digikent about us crazy human beings and online persuasion! #lovealoyaltycard”

“Ready for the afternoon session at #digikent. Will anyone be able to top @AllisterF talk? BRILLIANT”

“What an energetic and awesome keynote talk from Allister Frost, time to test and learn!”

“Don’t want @AllisterF talk to come to an end. #digikent”

“Fairly sure everyone is going to leave @AllisterF’s talk reassessing every buying decision they’ve ever made”

“Absolutely fascinating presentation from @AllisterF on how weird our decision making process is in a retail situation”

“Wonderful Speaker @AllisterF superb teacher”

“Accelerating change in a digital world, fascinating stuff from Allister Frost”

“A huge thank you to @AllisterF for a thought provoking closing session today”

“Fantastic event, with a hugely thought-provoking talk by Allister Frost!”

“Thank you for a fab session, very inspiring and has given me a very long to-do list!”

“Excellent session, thanks very much!”

“Thank you Allister, that was very interesting.”

“Allister was really great at stimulating us to think out of the box and write down ideas that we could try out after the course.”

“The best trainer I’ve ever seen.”

“Excellent! Eye opening,… very up-to-date with latest technologies.”

“Really enjoyed this course. Went home with more knowledge and loads of ideas for the business!”

“Thank you very much for the workshop on Friday, it was very informative and I definitely have some new ideas to take back to the office.”

“A very informative course that provides a clear overview of all the social media platforms and how best to maximise them. Great course – would recommend to others.”

“Just wanted to let you know I thought the training was fantastic and have come back to the office full of ideas.”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the training day. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have already added some of the activities into an upcoming campaign!”

“I got some amazing tips, feel very confident now, and cannot wait to get back to get going!”

“Fantastic power tips, very engaging, extremely relevant, current, informative and interesting. Inspiring!”

“Allister was a fantastic teacher. Excellent.”

“…the course was fab, and it really helped solidify my thinking on many topics. Also Allister Frost was fantastic and so knowledgeable.”

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the evening – you were very interesting and stimulating!”

“I thought the seminar was BRILLIANT!”

“A quick note of thanks after the evening with Allister Frost. Amazing to see what simple and complex beings we are”

“Thanks for organising the talk last night – fascinating to listen to behavioural economics and how predictably irrational we all are!”

“I found the presentation fantastically informative and I’m sure it will he useful in the future – I certainly made enough notes!”

“Thank you to for the great talk in our lecture today. Definitely time for us all to move away from fruit-based technology!”

“I loved Allister’s talk… He was a great guest speaker.”

“I really enjoyed the course today! Allister Frost knows his stuff.”

“5/5 Excellent. Very useful course to attend with one of the most influential members of the digital marketing industry. Very easy to understand, all at a good pace!”

“A great day yesterday with @allisterf. Thank you so much for an inspirational day and a fantastic venue.”

“Great speech by Allister Frost on digital marketing. Very interesting! Worth the trip just for that.”

“Brilliant bit of speaking today at the conference, really enjoyed it!.”

“Embracing tomorrow with digital marketing. Great speech from Allister Frost.”

“Fantastic keynote speech from Allister Frost at the annual conference.”

“Great hints and tips from Allister, good discussion points. Excellent training, Allister was so informative, really helpful and inspiring.”

“Excellent presentation, very enjoyable.”

“Excellent! Very well delivered. Informative, fun & engaging.”

“Enjoyed the course, very interesting and speaker was very engaging.”

“Very good presentation – the PowerPoint in particular was very well designed.”

“We requested a tailor-made course for PR professionals from Allister Frost. He was very professional, a good lecturer and had interesting tips to share with the audience. I would recommend this course to other peers.”

“The best course I have EVER attended for overall content, knowledge of presenter and audience participation.”

“Very informative and engaging, great passionate course director with good examples.”

“Fascinating, and an eye-opener to all the opportunities/possibilities that digital can offer. It’s re-awakened my passion for marketing again!”

“Very informative, learned so much!”

“Visual presentation excellent, enjoyable and informative.”

“Perfectly pitched.”

“Insightful. Entertaining. Inspiring. Infectious enthusiasm. 🙂 Love it!”

Allister Frost November 2014“Excellent! Thanks for the interesting presentation and all the great examples.”

“Really good energy from you Allister and nice examples.”

“Allister speaks with great passion. Great stories from Allister’s past experience at Microsoft”

“Good motivating and energized presentation.”

“Very lively and engaging presentation! Great slides, good exercises in the workshop.”

“A really good speaker!”

“I loved learning about Allister’s previous experience in the industry and finding out what other people were experiencing with their clients in the digital landscape. I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday.”

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“I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was a really informative day and Allister was great!”

Emma Richardson, Marketing Exec, Westcoast

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday- I thought the day was a great success! Allister was fantastic!”

Chloe Deadman, Marketing Exec, Olive

“I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was a really informative day and Allister was great!”

Emma Richardson, Marketing Exec, Westcoast

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday- I thought the day was a great success! Allister was fantastic!”

Chloe Deadman, Marketing Exec, Olive

“Great talk – summed up how truly amazing and also scary modern day technology is! Thanks.”

Claire Martin, via Twitter

“Thanks for today. We thoroughly enjoyed your talk at #connectduxford. Fascinating stuff”

Law Firm Network UK, via Twitter

Allister Frost September 2014

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“With thanks to marketing guru @AllisterF at Wild Orange Media who visited the office yesterday.”

Gina Hutchings, The IT Marketing Agency

“Awesome day! #thisguysknowshisstuff!!! :)) #digitalstrategy”

Gemma Telford, The IT Marketing Agency

“Brilliant day of Digital Marketing”

Chris Toshi, The IT Marketing Agency

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“Allister was recently a guest speaker at my organisation, the London Restaurant Network, and he surpassed all expectations. Allister is not only extremely knowledgeable about marketing, he is also a great public speaker, who manages to maintain everyone’s attention effortlessly. I would be delighted to work with Allister again in the future.”

Fabio Adler, The London Restaurant Network

“Very much enjoyed yesterday. Excellent talk and lots of food for thought!”

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

“Excellent, 5/5. Interesting and presented with energy and conviction”

Head of Digital, The Army

“A fantastic course with a brilliant trainer – I came away from this with new ideas and tactics – couldn’t recommend enough!”

Sales & Marketing, NTCadCam

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“[Allister] presented a thought-provoking set of trends, dynamics and opportunities to a set of senior management who hadn’t thought about them before. I could tell he hit the mark by the number of people taking notes! High energy and provocative.”

Roger Siddle, CEO, Findel Plc

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Allister Frost May 2014 v2“I invited Allister as a headliner speaker at our conference dedicated to Digital Marketing. I must admit he was great! His keynotes made the audience impressed, curious and open to interesting discussions. According to the feedback we got after the conference, Allister’s keynotes were the best. Moreover, we shared his presentation with our clients, those who were not able to participate but have heard a lot about Allister. Definitely, I would recommend Allister Frost as a brilliant speaker for top-level events for CEOs, CMOs…”

Oksana Knyazeva, Director, IPM Business School

Allister Frost May 2014“Thank you for the presentations! It was a fantastic, professional and informative training session with Mr. Allister Frost, it has added value to our digital marketing knowledge with new prevailing trends.”

Nadia Umar, Consultant, D2M Solutions

“The Digital Marketing training was really on the edge, informative and complete regarding the trends of the digital market. The trainer Mr. Allister Frost presented and shared his speciality with all of us generously, detailed and with professionalism.”

Dimitra Fotoudi, D2M Solutions

“Our objectives were for Allister to speak about his subject matter in a space of 45 minutes and engage as many people as possible. With the above in mind, Allister was terrific. He was both engaging and enthusiastic throughout his presentation. Having Allister first in the theatre was a real plus as his passion gave a kickstart to event proceedings.”

Intuit Event Manager

“Fascinating insights into the future of the digital world by @AllisterF at Accountex”

Rich Beale, Bookkeeping4U

“Excellent presentation on future of technology. We will be ready!”

Greaves West & Ayre

“A really interesting talk and a great way to kick-start our Digi-Talks initiative.”

Digital Lead, Coca-Cola

“The feedback has been great, the whole team saw great value in the workshop and are all fired up to start applying this to their marketing campaigns.”

Marketing Lead, IT Company

“An inspirational and fascinating talk by Allister Frost… Deep breath & here’s to dreaming big.”

The Marketing Collective, via Twitter

“Cracking talk tonight from @AllisterF – it’s going to be a bright future! Nice one”

Luke Sanderson, via Twitter

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“5 Stars. Enjoyable, interesting and thorough course. Recommended for anyone with an interest in social media.”

Jonathan Brown, Editor

“I would highly recommend [this course]. I came away knowing that I would use the information in the course and put some of the suggested tools and techniques in place….not just taking notes and forgetting about it. Very useful.”

Sam Wright, BWC

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“Brilliant speaker, would watch again.”
“Thought provoking and well advised.”
“Really engaging and informative, which has made me think about some exciting new ideas. I liked listening to Allister’ s thoughts.”
“Awesome talk from Allister Frost at Advantec’s DTB  – down to earth, switched on & entertaining.”

Dennis Brown, ListsUK, via Twitter

“I had the pleasure of hearing Allister speak in London on “Marketing in a Digital World”. It was a very informative and interesting talk with Allister bringing his wealth of experience to offer practical advice, an analysis of current trends and a look ahead to what the future will hold for anyone trying to exploit digital tools as part of their marketing mix. Do try and catch him if you can or consider inviting him to talk at one of your events.”

John Royle, DNN London User Group

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“This is a presentation that EVERY parent and carer needs to see at least once! Delivered in layman’s terms, hugely informative and engaging, I can’t recommend this session highly enough. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this presentation.”

Rebecca Bush, Founder at Tele Excellence

“Allister offered to lead a presentation to parents on Internet Safety. I am extremely glad it took up his offer. The school gets quite a lot of parental concerns about social networking etc. He addressed them in an engaging and balanced way and the school has received outstanding feedback”

Stuart Hughes, Assistant Headteacher, Surrey CC

“Very enlightening (and entertaining) course today on the psychology of online communications. Thoroughly recommended!”

Mark Hedges, Researcher at The Chartered Institute of Marketing

“The ‘Psychology of Online Interaction’ course […] was educative, interesting and inspiring. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be more creative in their marketing campaigns. Time well spent :)”

Meera Shah, Communications Executive at The Chartered Institute of Marketing

“I cannot recommend working with Allister and Wild Orange Media enough. Allister’s knowledge, content and presentation skills are world class and its always a pleasure working with him.”

Daniel Rowles, MD, Target Internet

“Allister gave us a dynamic and motivational presentation […], showing us some important factors that affect consumers’ decisions. Allister has great experience and knowledge in the field and I recommend him.”

Jad Rahme, Marketing, Diageo Western Europe

“Hands down the best guest lecturer of the entire year, felt like John Oliver was teaching me marketing.”

Kristen Kouloheras, via Twitter

“Allister’s training day on Advanced Social Media was hugely useful. I came away feeling far more confident about how to maximise our charity’s social media presence and have started putting what I learned into practice – with our ‘reach’ peaking as a result! Thoroughly enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to any media / marketing professional.”

Kate Corry, Press Officer, Young Enterprise

“Allister’s session was really thought-provoking. He opened my eyes to another side of social which is both inspiring and exciting. I would highly recommend Allister to those looking for more detailed and advanced social media and digital training.”

Jessica H, Account Manager, Hillgate PR

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“I found the training very useful and gave me a great amount of food for thought. Whether you’re a novice looking for an introduction or an expert needing a refresh, I would highly recommend Allister’s training sessions.”

Adam Clarke, B2B Council Member at IAB UK

“Allister’s knowledge of the subject is broad and deep and his teaching style is excellent. A worthwhile day spent.”

Sue Witowski, Accuride International

“Allister is a rare breed. He deeply understands how business is and will be fundamentally altered forever by the arrival of Social Tools and Technologies. At the same time, he deeply understands the eternal elements of business. What makes him, his perspective, and his offering to client unique is the ability to synthesize these two components and present his suggestions in a clear and PRACTICAL way. I’ve known him for a while, gave him a platform at one of my client events, and recommend him”

Jeremy Epstein, VP Marketing, Sprinklr

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“We asked Allister Frost to deliver the keynote speech at the AoC Digital Engagement and Marketing Conference 2013. Allister gave an energetic, inspirational talk, sharing insights into how society and colleges are changing through digital progress. The feedback from delegates has been excellent, we’re very happy to recommend Allister as a professional conference speaker, and we hope to work with him again in the near future.”

Nicole Osborne, Director of Marketing & Events, AoC Create

“Allister’s training is thoroughly engaging, lively and thought-provoking. His delivery goes beyond the ‘how to’ to consider audience behaviours and motivations – all with a generous sprinkling of creative sparkle. Guaranteed to have you leaving the session buzzing with new ideas…”

Sharon Lindsay Communications

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form

“The course was fantastic – I can’t recommend it enough. There were so many ideas and suggestions provided throughout the day, we can now completely transform our social media channels and strategy.”

 Kate Cragon, EMIS

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
“Allister was the Chair at the 2013 Social Media Influence conference and did an excellent job marshalling the day’s proceedings. A very accomplished speaker and a compère without comparison.” 

Matthew Yeomans, Founder of SMI

“I felt like I gained a lot. I have been on ‘social media’ courses before and most of them just go over how you uses the platforms, but yours was very different.” 

Rachel Bie, The Source

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“Allister’s presentation on internet safety was […] informative, accessible and entertaining.  The advice was invaluable as well as realistic, fully taking into account the way families live now and the way young people use interactive media. The feedback we have had from the parents who attended has been overwhelmingly positive.” 

Hilary Cowdock, Inclusion Support & Child Protection Officer, Oxted School

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
“The psychology of Social Media by Allister Frost has been the most inspirational & relevant session by far this year” 

Sara Mason-Parker, MD Gapyear.com

“Fascinating talk by a well informed, engaging and charismatic professional”


“I have been attending the social media presentations avidly for the last 3 years at wtm london and can honestly say that you gave the most compelling and interesting social media presentation.” 

Tour Operator, Greece

“Incredibly fascinating talk by Allister Frost on marketing industry tactics. Superb speaker” 

Andrew Brittain, MD Advantec Internet Services

“Fascinating talk this morning on marketing psychology by Allister Frost for Emarketeers” 

The BIO Agency

“Inspiring session with Allister Frost – we’re getting into Neuromarketing now. Tapping into survival instincts!” 

Richard Nicholson, Enterprise Marketing Manager, Dell

“Allister was incredibly professional in his approach to our event.  His presentation was insightful and we received nothing but 100% positive feedback for him as a speaker as well as the content he presented. We would not hesitate to recommend Allister”

Hannah Ward, Pure 360

“Excellent and informative presentation from @AllisterF. Great speaker”

Daniel Rowles, CIM Course Director and Faculty, Econsultancy

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“Today’s SMLF event has been the best to date, PepsiCo UK doing great things, Allister Frost a bundle of energy”

Dan Bowsher, Vodafone UK

“I heard Allister speak The Association of Independent Tour Operators’ overseas conference in Madeira this year – and he blew me away. As Allister puts it, he helps “large companies transition from the old ways of broadcasting ad messages (i.e. shouting) to engaging in two-way conversations with their customers and prospects through emerging digital channels (i.e. conversing).” And he does it beautifully. The former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft, Allister coaxes and persuades and leaves you pleading for help when it comes to creating magnificent touchy-feely social and digital campaigns. A must-hear”

Steve Keenan, Ex-deputy travel editor at The Times and online travel editor at The Sunday Times

“Allister presented his extensive knowledge of online marketing techniques to us at our recent conference in Madeira.  He was also great company and many of our delegates were able to pick up some really useful tips from him throughout the rest of the conference”

Kate Kenward, Executive Director AITO

If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
If you have feedback from this event please use our contact form
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