Internet Safety School

Welcome to Internet Safety School, a place where parents, grandparents and carers come to know as much about growing up in a digital world as their children.

Internet Safety School is a voluntary, community initiative run by Wild Orange Media, designed to help parents and carers understand the online world and help make it a safer place for their children.

Look below to review the information we share at Internet Safety School and to access more helpful free resources. If you’d like to request a presentation for parents and carers of children at your school or community facility, please use the form below.

Underage 11yr olds who have a social media profile


12-15yr olds who know more about the internet than their parents


parents of 5-15yr old children who use content filters


Number of people who have attended Internet Safety School

Useful Links and Resources

Classroom Slides

See the latest slides shown at Internet Safety School

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Parents' Pack

How to make your home internet safer for kids

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Report Abuse

Contact CEOP directly to report concerns

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Excellent resources and advice from ThinkUKnow

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Get Safe Online

Free, unbiased, expert online security advice

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Help for your child

Call Childline free on 0800 1111 or click for info

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Google Advice

Family safety advice from Google

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Microsoft Advice

Family safety advice from Microsoft

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Apple Advice

Parental control advice for mobile iOS devices

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Facebook Privacy

How to refine your privacy settings on Facebook

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Get Mobile Safe

How to make any mobile phone safe on any network

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